Any Power Kingdom offices in other countries?
Driven by several advantages, Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd. has been doing our best to set up offices in overseas countries which mainly includes our target markets. One advantage is that there will be fewer restrictions over our business ranges. The other is that we can enjoy tax preferential to some extent. In some countries, they charge low tax rates and few taxes. Under this circumstance, we can enjoy a higher rate of profit. The greatest advantage is that the tariffs on the delivered products will be greatly reduced. One of our management goals is to establish offices in overseas countries, which will give both ourselves and customers a lot of conveniences.

The Power Kingdom brand is a very popular best agm deep cycle battery manufacturer. Power Kingdom's main products include sealed lead acid battery series. Power Kingdom sealed deep cycle battery is strictly inspected. Not only does it have gone through a machine check on cutting, welding, and surface treatment, but also is inspected by workers. The product can stand up with repeated deep discharge. our team networks with strategic partners worldwide. Adopting a heat-sealed design, the product features maximize strength and rigidity.

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