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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-20
Then the battery is how to guard against theft alarm cry, simple introduction of the base station here anti-theft tracking battery system function. 1, battery alarm vibration detection function: mercury switch installed base station in the battery alarm vibration detection function, when theft molecules touches the battery, the small clubs in the mercury switch to move, have set current signal transmission to the alarm. ( Due to the high sensitivity mercury switch, battery alarm generally has anti false alarm procedures, both when mercury switch touches three times to get correct alarm signal. ) 2, battery alarm GSM SMS alarm function: battery alarm immediately after receipt of the mercury switch signal to set good called mobile phone number before sending alarm messages, immediately inform the police. ( In anti-theft system is turned on, can through the mobile phone short message service password removal to protection, to cancel the alarm and record did not cancel the alarm, the system will send called mobile phone every three minutes a message alarm. ) 3, battery alarm GPS function: battery alarm after the reception of the mercury switch transmission signal, alarm signal transmission to the GPS management platform at the same time, every time a, again through the GPS management platform management system processing, can see theft molecules escape route, so as to realize. 4, battery for alarm function: alarm battery built-in voice transmission system, the system automatically set, called phone number dial battery alarm number, the system will automatically answer, in order to know the battery environment situation.
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