And the standardized development of the secondary lead industry

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-28
The 'Opinions' pointed out that it is necessary to increase the elimination of backward production capacity. Regard lead-acid batteries and recycled lead industries as key industries for the country to eliminate backward production capacity, immediately eliminate the production capacity of open-ended ordinary lead-acid batteries, and eliminate backward production capacities that have not passed environmental protection inspections and do not meet the access requirements by the end of 2015. It is forbidden to transfer backward production capacity to rural areas and the central and western regions. Encourage qualified enterprises to carry out mergers and reorganizations, promote industrial upgrading, and increase industrial concentration.   The 'Opinions' clearly stated that industry access and production license management will be strictly enforced. In accordance with the relevant access requirements of the lead-acid battery and secondary lead industries, the existing companies will be reviewed one by one, and the list of companies that have passed the review will be announced to the public. Strictly manage the production license of lead-acid batteries. Enterprises that apply for or reissue production licenses shall meet environmental protection requirements and industry access conditions; if they are banned and closed in accordance with the law because they do not meet relevant requirements, their production licenses must be cancelled. Lead-acid batteries exported by foreign trade enterprises shall be products produced by enterprises with valid production licenses. Study and establish a production license management system for the secondary lead industry.   The 'Opinions' also pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen project approval management. Strengthen the record management of new, modified, and expanded lead-acid batteries and recycled lead projects, and prohibit new, modified, and expanded projects that increase lead pollutant emissions in important ecological function areas, areas with excessive lead pollution and key areas for the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution; New, renovated, and expanded lead-acid batteries and regenerated lead enterprises in the region must meet the requirements for total lead pollutant emission control in the region. The construction of a cluster of lead-acid batteries and recycled lead enterprises should carry out planning and environmental assessment, strengthen the planning and control of the park, and strictly implement the requirements for protection distance.   The 'Opinions' pointed out that the technological progress of the industry will be promoted. Strengthen the technical research and development of new lead-acid batteries such as bipolar sealed batteries, super batteries, and foam graphite batteries, and promote the technology of wound-type, gel-electrolyte lead-acid batteries. Upgrading and transforming existing lead-acid battery production enterprises by adopting advanced and mature technology such as internal chemical conversion, cadmium-free, intelligent rapid curing chamber, vacuum paste, tubular electrode grouting and squeezing paste, and carry out lead-acid battery pulling net and punch Demonstration of the application of manufacturing process technology for steel grids and continuous casting and rolling grids. Accelerate the development and application of key technologies and equipment for the large-scale harmless regeneration of waste lead-acid batteries.   At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen environmental protection inspection and supervision. Carry out a special inspection of environmental protection in the lead-acid battery and secondary lead industries, and announce the list of companies that have passed the inspection to the public. Establish and complete environmental management files and information management systems for lead-acid batteries and recycled lead enterprises. Formulate more stringent discharge standards for heavy metal pollutants in the lead-acid battery and recycled lead industries. Local environmental protection departments at all levels shall regularly conduct supervisory monitoring of lead-acid batteries and recycled lead enterprises, conduct regular monitoring of the surrounding environment of the enterprises, and take measures such as time-limit treatment for enterprises that exceed the emission standards to ensure that they meet the emission standards. In areas where major lead pollution incidents have occurred, relevant personnel must be held accountable in accordance with the law.   The 'Opinions' also proposed to regulate the environmental behavior of enterprises. Lead-acid batteries and recycled lead companies must implement effective environmental management systems, build complete lead fume, lead dust, acid mist, and wastewater collection and treatment facilities, and ensure stable operation of the facilities and discharge compliance; lead online monitoring facilities must be gradually installed and Network with the local environmental protection department and report the daily monitoring situation monthly. Strictly implement the system of classified storage and disposal of solid wastes and the transfer of hazardous wastes. Lead-containing waste residues, sludge and other hazardous wastes should be entrusted to qualified units for safe disposal in accordance with regulations. It is necessary to formulate emergency plans for heavy metal pollution incidents, and carry out emergency training and drills on a regular basis. Strengthen the labor protection of employees, improve the regular blood lead inspection system, improve the workplace environment, and maintain the physical and mental health of employees.   The 'Opinions' regulate the recycling behavior. Regulate the recycling of waste lead-acid batteries by individual vendors in accordance with the law, and severely crack down on illegal dismantling and smelting of lead by indigenous methods. Improve the hazardous waste business licensing system, encourage production companies to organize the recycling of waste lead-acid batteries through their retail network, and support production companies, sales companies, professional recycling companies, and recycled lead companies to jointly build a recycling network. Strengthen the supervision of the entire process of collection, storage and transportation of waste lead-acid batteries. Support the construction of large-scale and standardized lead recycling demonstration projects.   The 'Opinions' also proposed to increase financial support. From 2012 to 2015, the central government's incentive funds for eliminating outdated production capacity will support lead-acid battery companies nationwide to eliminate outdated production capacity. Increase the central government's special fund support for clean production, and focus on supporting enterprises that meet the access requirements and meet emission standards to use advanced energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies to transform their existing production capacity.   In addition, preferential tax policies must be implemented. Continue to implement the preferential tax policy of 50% of value-added tax that is immediately refunded for enterprises that use waste lead-acid batteries to produce recycled lead. Further study and improve the encouragement policies for the recycled lead industry, and increase taxation support.
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