Analysis on the importance of regular testing of battery internal resistance

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

   Lead-acid batteries are also like people’s regular physical examinations, so we can do the basics of the battery in our hearts. Battery voltage, current, and temperature are important operating parameters of the battery, but they cannot reflect the internal state of the battery.


   As the most effective and convenient performance parameter of the battery, the internal resistance of the battery can reflect the degradation degree and capacity state of the battery. These indicators are voltage, current, etc., and operating parameters such as temperature cannot be reflected. .


   The four main failure modes of battery: water loss, negative plate, positive plate corrosion and thermal corrosion directly affect the increase of battery capacity and internal resistance, which is the internal resistance of the battery The main reason for the increase.


   As the battery capacity decreases, the internal resistance of the battery also increases. The larger the battery capacity, the smaller the internal resistance. At the same time, as the degree of battery deterioration increases, the internal resistance of the battery will increase significantly. Therefore, the internal resistance of the battery is closely related to the capacity of the battery: the increase of the internal resistance of the battery is an important sign of the decline in battery performance.


   By measuring the internal resistance of a single battery in the battery pack, the performance status of each battery in the battery pack can be accurately determined, and at the same time, it can ensure the stability of battery power supply and extend the battery. The service life of the group is of great significance.


   Single cells are used in series in most fields, and the performance status of single cells directly affects the overall performance status of the battery pack. At the same time, the backward battery in the battery pack accelerates the series degradation of other batteries. Therefore, monitoring single cells is a necessary condition to ensure the capacity status and service life of the battery pack.


  The quality of a single cell directly affects the performance of the entire battery pack, the so-called drag and movement of the entire body. Electricity is a company dedicated to battery maintenance and testing!

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