Analysis of the Causes of Sulfation of Plates Produced by Battery Power

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

At this stage, the power supply will produce sulfation of the electrode plate, which can be said to be caused by several problems: the low electrolyte level inside the battery makes the exposed part of the electrode plate sulfation. The initial charging battery is insufficient or the initial battery charging time is long; the actual situation is:

1. The relative density or temperature of the lithium battery electrolyte is too high, and lead sulfate will be deeply formed and difficult to recover;

2. The battery is inactive for a long time, is not used for a long time, and is not charged on time;

3. The electrolyte of the lithium battery is impure, and the lithium battery has a long life; the function of the internal short circuit failure part or the surface water of the rechargeable battery is good The cause of the discharge.

4. Long-term insufficient charging;

5. Can not be charged immediately after charging and discharging;

6.eps emergency power supply is designed for fire safety emergency measures Yes, it is innovative and applicable. It can complete computer monitoring, solve fire emergency lighting, electric shutters, fire elevators, centrifugal pumps, fire smoke exhaust fans and other fire equipment. This product often appears in projects such as multi-storey buildings, airports, telecommunication networks, main rooms, hospital clinics, and key exhibition halls. Its characteristics are:

1. Static data of the power grid, no noise, less than 60 decibels, smokeless system, seismic solutions;

2. Fully automatic conversion, completely unattended, The power grid and the power grid conversion time can be fully converted by the switching power supply;

Strong load power, suitable for electrical, capacitor and comprehensive loads of mechanical equipment such as fire elevators, centrifugal pumps, centrifugal fans, emergency lighting, etc.

4. With the application of reliable spectrum, the dual-system hot standby method can be applied to key locations to ensure the reliability of the power supply system in safety accidents and fire accidents. The service life of the server exceeds 20 years. Rechargeable batteries It is 5a10a.

5. In the extreme natural environment, it can be placed in the basement of the villa or the high and low voltage power distribution room, which can be on-site emergency load and reduce the power supply path;

6. For fire pumps, For output power equipment such as centrifugal fans, the motor can be started directly and enters normal operation.

When the UPS is equipped with batteries, the volume of the design plan fully considers or exceeds the output power of the load power supply system and the time of the power supply system. However, after the UPS is put into operation, customers often find that the specific duration of the UPS power supply system is much lower than the design value. There are many reasons for the decrease of battery specific capacity. There are many problems in battery products, but there are many problems in application and maintenance.

In the entire production and manufacturing process of lead-acid batteries, the lead on the cathode plate is converted into lead dioxide, and the lead on the cathode plate is converted into honeycomb lead, but the electrode plate manufacturer converts all chemicals The time for conversion to active substances is relatively limited, so the national industrial standard requires that new batteries reach 90% of the standard and can only be installed in the next year.

The short-circuit capacity of lithium-ion batteries is the short-circuit capacity of lithium-ion batteries. For example, one of the typical small and medium-sized batteries used in switching power supplies is l2v, 6ah/2ohv, and its output The voltage is l2v, the capacity is 6ah, and the charge-discharge rate is 20h. The practical significance is that the total time of charging and discharging lithium-ion batteries with AC voltage L2V at a constant charging and discharging rate of 20h is 6h.

In China, Japan and France, 10-hour rechargeable batteries are used for industrial rechargeable batteries (seec10), and 8 hours are used for British industrial rechargeable batteries. In specific applications, the loading and unloading rate does not necessarily affect the loading and unloading rate required by the volume.

In my country's power engineering standards, 10-hour rechargeable batteries account for 55% of the charge and discharge capacity, and the volume accounts for 55% of the tolerance volume. Japanese Industrial Standard 2v/10 hours battery, 1 hour charging capacity is 6v, 12v, 10 hours rechargeable battery, 1 hour charging capacity. 20 hour rate battery, 10 hour rate capacity, 1 hour capacity.

There are two expressions for battery life: one is used for deep-cycle rechargeable batteries, and the other is used for flotation applications of backup rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable battery used in the deep cycle system displays its cycle at the frequency of the deep cycle system. The battery life of the deep battery charging cycle system is more than 1200 times, and the life of the floating battery can reach 10-20 years. When the service life stops, the capacity of the battery is only 80%

The specific service life is very different from the designed service life. The application of the design scheme standard can reach the design life, but when the external standard temperature, battery charging voltage, charge depth and discharge depth exceed the design scheme changes, the specific life cycle will be much shorter than the design life, and the specific application amount will be less than the design procedure volume.

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