Analysis of maintenance skills of lead-acid batteries-

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
The most important component in the maintenance of a generator set is the lead storage battery. The stable performance of the lead storage battery can ensure the good performance of the entire generator set. So how to ensure the stable performance of the lead storage battery? This requires the maintenance of the battery.    First of all, the lead-acid battery must be connected correctly to prevent short circuit. The lead-acid battery should be placed close to the generator set, so that the battery connection line will not be too long. At the same time, the battery needs to be placed in a place that is convenient for maintenance. When the battery is connected to the generator, first connect the positive electrode and then the negative electrode. When the load or shutdown, the connection should be disconnected in time to prevent the battery from being short-circuited. Secondly, do a good job of daily inspection of the battery, check the battery regularly, including the voltage of the battery terminal; the density, temperature, and height of the electrolyte in the battery; pay attention to whether the battery link is linked according to the specifications; check whether the battery is corroded Circumstances; regular discharge tests, etc., these daily tasks are required. Finally, when charging the battery, pay special attention to the basic work of battery charging. It should be charged in an environment with good ventilation, no rain, snow, sparks, or open flame; it is best to use the original charger to charge; when charging, the connection of the wire should be correct; use reasonable When the battery is charging, when the temperature is higher than 45℃, the charging should be stopped and the heat dissipation treatment should be done.     The maintenance work of the lead storage battery of the generator set is very important, so you must pay attention to it in daily use.
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