Analysis and Solution of Short Life of Battery Pack

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

   Electric bicycles have developed rapidly in recent years due to their lightweight, environmentally friendly, economical and practical, and popular among users. According to relevant statistics, the domestic output in 2006 has reached 20 million, and the domestic market share is about 50 million. The market is broad and the development prospects are very good. However, in practical applications, the battery pack has a short life span and a fast driving speed. The statistical average life span is only about one year, which is far from the rated life span. This is a major problem in the long-term use of electric vehicles. At present, the technology development and manufacturing of the four major electrical components of electric vehicles-motors, batteries, controllers and chargers are relatively mature. Therefore, the short life of the battery pack has become the most prominent problem in the use of electric vehicles. This not only affects the performance of electric vehicles and increases the cost of use, but also affects and restricts the further development and application of electric vehicles in the long run.

  The batteries used in electric bicycles are usually lead-acid batteries, and fundamental changes will not occur in the next few years. The manufacturing process of lead-acid batteries is relatively mature. Lead-acid batteries have a short service life and their rated life is much lower than their rated life. This is not only to remind users to pay attention to the correct use, but also to solve the problem from a technical point of view. Therefore, in view of the different working conditions of electric vehicles and the characteristics of frequent charging and discharging of battery packs, a specific analysis of the problem was carried out, and the direction and method to solve the problem were determined, in order to find a way to solve this problem as soon as possible. In order to achieve basic technological breakthroughs, so as to completely solve this problem.

  Analysis of battery performance deterioration and damage shows that the main reasons for battery failure, such as water loss, electrode plate curvature, electrode plate fracture or even short circuit, etc., are mainly It is caused by the remelting and discharging of the battery. At the end of charging, the polarization voltage of the battery increases, the electrolyzed water produces bubbles, the internal loss increases, and the temperature rises. Excessive charging will damage the battery. At the end of the discharge, the effective chemical reaction will be exhausted, the internal will be blocked, the internal resistance of the battery will increase, and the battery will also be damaged at this time. Therefore, reprocessing and unloading should be avoided as much as possible.

  E-bike uses a series of battery packs, and the charge and discharge cycle should be repeated frequently during use. Due to differences in materials and manufacturing processes, differences in capacity and performance will inevitably occur during use of battery packs. In other words, the imbalance of the battery. When charging, batteries with small capacity and poor performance will remelt during discharge, and batteries with small capacity and poor performance will also experience degradation during discharge. Continuous overcharging and overcharging make the capacity and performance of inferior batteries become smaller and worse. This frequent vicious circle aggravates the damage of inferior batteries, thereby aggravating the performance of the entire battery pack. This is the main reason that affects the service life of the battery pack. In the practice of repairing and replacing the battery pack, in most cases, the damage of the battery pack is actually only one battery (a very few 2) is damaged, which also proves that the above analysis is correct.

  The barrel theory points out that the maximum water capacity of the barrel is determined by the height of the lowest wood. Likewise, the maximum discharge (usable capacity) of a series battery pack depends on the capacity of one of the worst performing batteries in the battery pack. When the worst battery is discharged, the voltage drops sharply and the electric car will stop running. At the same time, the remaining power of the battery pack cannot be used, and the driving distance of the electric vehicle is shortened, which is determined by the nature of the series circuit.

   No matter how the battery pack comes out of the factory, the imbalance between the batteries is absolute and will definitely occur during use. Due to the imbalance caused by excessive charging and discharging of inferior batteries, the vicious circle will accelerate the damage. In order to greatly reduce the available capacity of the entire battery pack, it is the main reason that affects the life of the battery pack. Therefore, how to solve the problem of short battery pack life, how to solve the problem of unevenness between batteries, and how to adjust the online balance of the battery in real time to achieve the purpose of balancing, thereby effectively preventing and over-discharge, is the solution to the short life of the battery pack The key to the problem.

  The unevenness of the battery is also one of the factors that affect the battery life. The battery is short of electricity for a long time, and it is not charged for a long time after discharge, and the electric vehicle is not used for a long time. Therefore, the effective active material of the battery decreases, the internal resistance increases, the battery capacity decreases, and the battery performance decreases, which is usually caused by improper use of the battery. Because most electric vehicle users lack professional knowledge and use conditions are different, the battery has different degrees of undesirable phenomena, which affects the service life of the battery pack. In response to this situation, many manufacturers produce batteries, battery repair solutions, and post-processing and repair regenerated batteries. In recent years, this maintenance technology has developed rapidly and even developed into an industry. The main problem is to solve the battery aging problem. However, manpower consumption and time consumption can only solve this problem to varying degrees. According to this situation, the treatment of symptoms is not as good as the root cause, and post-treatment is not as good as prevention. The best solution is the use of the entire battery (full charge and discharge) and online real-time processing of the battery. The best solution is the use of the entire battery ( If it is not used for a long time), it can fundamentally prevent the occurrence of remelting, even for special situations (such as long-term use), it also has a repair function, so that the turbine problem can be solved well, and the maintenance workload of the battery pack is greatly reduced. Cost of use.

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