Advantages of valve-regulated sealed lead batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

Advantages of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries

(1) Easy to use

Valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries only need the working voltage for battery charging, according to floating charging applications and cycles According to different regulations of system application, select the required working voltage to charge the battery with constant current source.

(2) Simple installation

The valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery is used as the battery charging fluid, and the user does not need to perform the entire battery charging process. More than six months and more than six months, it can be charged according to the manufacturer's requirements. After charging, conduct a test battery charge and discharge test to determine whether the charge capacity of the battery meets the requirements and whether the quality is stable.

(3)Safe and reliable

Valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries can be used in a sealed structure, and can be applied vertically or horizontally. There is no organic gas, non-toxic, and no hazardous material overflow, due to charging The battery uses a constant current source battery charging system. The oxygen cycle system inside the battery completes the entire process. Water damage is small. Even if it is overcharged, a small amount of steam can be discharged from the valve. The battery shell will not expand or even crack due to excessive working pressure.

(4) Save project investment

Valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries are not environmentally polluting machinery and equipment and the natural environment. They can be used with electronic products and do not require rechargeable batteries. Placement and maintenance, maintenance work is greatly reduced. The installation of rechargeable batteries can be used to stack battery racks, which occupies a small amount and saves the investment cost of switching power supply system software projects.

Applications of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries

(1) Power supplies for motor vehicles

Trucks, forklifts, automobiles and railways Battery charging keys for motorcycles and other trucks accounted for 40% of sales in 1977.

(2) Stationary power supplies

Key uses are telephone communications, UPS, security alarms, power switch operations, emergency lighting, electronic products and medical equipment, accounting for 60% of sales .

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