Advantages of UPS power fast charger

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-18
Labels: Advantages of UPS power fast chargers Advantages of using UPS power fast chargers:   1. Save power    This is obvious, shortening the charging time itself saves power. Take the initial charge of a new battery as an example. When charging at a low current slowly, it needs to consume 8 times the capacity of the battery to complete the initial charge (not including the power consumed by several charge-discharge cycles), while fast charging is compared with it , It only consumes half of the electricity. 2. The capacity of the battery can be increased. Because of the rapid charging technology, it can not only remove the various polarization voltages generated around the plate, but also increase the depth of the chemical reaction of the plate, and the active material can be fully reduced, thereby making the battery capacity. Increased. 3. The charging time is greatly shortened, and the charging efficiency is doubled. According to the conventional charging method, the initial charging of a new lead-acid battery requires 72-100h, and it must be repeatedly charged and discharged several times, so that all the active materials on the plate can be reduced to Lead dioxide and spongy lead have reached their rated capacity. Ordinary charging with this method also takes more than 20h. However, the initial charge of a new battery with a fast charger can reach its rated capacity within 10 hours, and the normal charge does not exceed 3 hours.  4. The effect of desulfurization is remarkable.    The fast charging output is a high current pulse, so it can activate some vulcanized and unreducible substances on the surface of the plate, and even make some batteries that cannot be charged due to vulcanization resume use.
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