Advantages of maintenance-free batteries compared with traditional batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

The electrode connection of the battery is a problem prone to this season, so please be sure to check it at any time. Check the circuit components for signs of aging or short circuits. Due to excessive discharge, the battery is prevented from being decommissioned early. During the inspection, if there is green oxide at the electrode connection, please remember to remove the water and clean it. If these green oxides are not removed, the generator will not generate enough power, so the battery is in an insufficient state. If it is serious, it will cause the battery to run out.

As the core component of the DC power supply system, the battery plays a key role in the backup power supply. Abnormal and special working conditions keep the system running normally. This is the last line of defense for the normal operation of the power system. At present, online battery monitoring has gradually attracted people's attention and has been widely used in power, communications and other industries. Proper use and battery life are of great significance.

When the battery is over-discharged to a voltage that is too low or even zero, a large amount of lead in the battery is adsorbed to the cathode surface of the battery, resulting in cathodicization of the battery. Lead is an insulator, and its formation will have a great negative impact on the charging and discharging performance of the battery. Therefore, the more salt formed on the cathode, the greater the internal resistance of the battery, and the higher the charge and discharge performance of the battery.

The voltage drop of the small-capacity cell is covered up and it has been over-discharged. Observe the over-discharge of the monomer. After entering the ponytail curve, if the current is large, the voltage drops rapidly, and quickly reverses. At this time, the battery is charged in the opposite direction, or passively discharged, and the active material structure is destroyed. The reaction occurs quickly, and after a period of time, the battery's active materials are almost completely lost, which is equivalent to that. In view of the same raw material and the same batch of single batteries, the performance parameters such as capacity, internal resistance, and life are in accordance with the normal distribution and the degree of dispersion is limited; in view of the same current excitation conditions, the uniformity of the voltage change process of the single battery is approaching gradually The consistency of other performance parameters, of which the important parameter is the charge range. Discussion summary: Overcharge and overdischarge of forklift batteries are fatal to the battery. The only difference is that overcharge produces a lot of gas, is easy to spontaneously ignite, and appears. The appearance of overdischarge changes slowly, but the failure rate is extremely fast. It should be strictly avoided in normal use.

In the future, lead-acid batteries will still play an important role in backup power supply, energy storage, starting, power and other application fields. In the global market, lead-acid batteries have a dominant position in the battery market due to their mature technology, high safety, high recycling rate, applicable temperature bandwidth, stable voltage, good combination consistency and low price.

The advantages of maintenance-free batteries compared with traditional batteries

Characteristics of maintenance-free batteries

Compared with traditional batteries, it has the following advantages:

1, no need to add any liquid;

2, less corrosion to the terminal posts and wires;

3, strong resistance to overcharge;

4. Large starting current;

5. Long battery storage time.

Maintenance-free batteries use lead-calcium alloy grids, which produce less water decomposition during charging, and low water evaporation. In addition, the sealed structure of the shell also releases very little sulfuric acid gas, so it has The above advantages.

Because the maintenance-free battery produces less electrolyte under normal charging voltage

Maintenance-free battery repair solution configuration

When the maintenance-free battery needs to be repaired, Buy battery replenisher on the market instead of electrolyte. Pay attention when adding replenisher: there is a liquid level mark on the battery shell, and there are two horizontal lines. The upper line is: the high liquid level cannot exceed this line, and the lower line is: the replenisher should be added when it is lower than this line. Generally, the liquid surface of the electrolyte is kept at a distance of 5-8 cm from the electrode plate.

The height of the electrolyte should be checked regularly when the battery is in use, and the storage status of the battery should be checked and supplemented in time. Battery maintenance is relatively simple. Doing a good job of supplementing the electrolyte, cleaning the battery and poles, and controlling the specific gravity of the battery can effectively extend the service life of the battery. Due to the widespread use of maintenance-free batteries, batteries generally do not require maintenance under normal working conditions.

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