Access conditions for lead storage battery industry

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-25
: 'Access Conditions' will be strictly enforced. The 'Access Conditions' is the first access condition to ensure that the domestic lead-acid battery business can continue to stagnate if it temporarily weakens. In order to ensure the implementation of the ``Access Conditions'', the ``Interim Measures'' understands the rules: Lead-acid battery consumer companies requesting access notices must comply with all the requirements in the ``Access Conditions''; the provincial light industry and informatization authorities will In February, May, August, and November, the list of companies that meet the ``Access Conditions'' after review and relevant request materials will be distributed to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; the relevant associations and experts of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will adopt the form of data inspection and spot inspection on the spot. The list of enterprises and request materials distributed by the competent light industry and informatization units shall stop the examination. In order to prevent enterprises from evading the access review, the ``Interim Method'' emphasizes: the group company flag balance is in the subsidiary of Jinji independent legal person qualifications, and the joint request is required; the factory or the consumer group located in the same location needs to jointly fill in the ``access inspection request''; The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will organize relevant associations and experts, or entrust the provincial light industry and information authorities, to stop non-current spot checks on lead-acid battery consumer companies that have entered the access notice list.   Companies with outdated production capacity and skills will be completely eliminated. In the scope of production capacity, the ``Access Conditions'' request that the annual consumption power of old companies is not less than 20 many VAhs; the annual consumption power of the establishment and reorganization of enterprises shall not be less than 50 many VAhs; the old goods consumption enterprises The annual plate consumption power is not less than 100 many volt-ampere hours; and the current international lead-acid battery packs with an annual production capacity of more than 20 volt-ampere hours account for about 71% of the total business enterprises, so about 70% of the enterprises will be eliminated. . In addition, the ``Access Conditions'' also put forward requests for companies from many areas such as process equipment, condition protection, occupational health, energy saving and recycling applications, and if it is necessary to adopt external chemical conversion processes, the consumption of pure goods will be restricted. , Gradually guide the business to complete the connection of plates and battery packs, and implement conservative production techniques such as internalization.  Skilled refurbished goods are not restricted. The 'Access Conditions' considers that some new battery packs do not yet have a range of consumption environment, and the 'Access Conditions' will 'wind, bipolar, lead-carbon battery packs (super battery packs) and other new lead storage battery packs' List the goods that are not restricted by the power of consumption.   Lead storage battery packs are in the larger market, and the consolidation is good for integrated enterprises. Lead-acid battery packs are currently the battery pack goods with the largest market share and the most widely used chemical battery packs. There are no naive substitute goods in the field of motorcycle starting, large-scale energy storage, etc. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2011 The total output of lead-acid battery companies reached 14229.6 VA, which exceeded 1/4 of the total output of the society. The business reorganization is beneficial to the integrated heavy-duty enterprise that connects the consumption of domestic plates and battery packs.
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