Accelerating the adjustment of battery industry structure

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-25
It is understood that lead-acid batteries occupy a relatively high share in the electric vehicle market. Although currently affected by lithium battery technology to a certain extent, the high cost performance of lead-acid batteries ensures that their mainstream status cannot be shaken in the short term. With the rapid development of the electric bicycle and electric tricycle industries, the demand for batteries will have more room for growth. At the same time, my country's automobile industry has a large space for development. The huge car ownership and the battery replacement and matching of new cars will also drive the steady growth of the demand for lead-acid batteries for automobiles. “At present, the performance of destocking of lead-acid battery companies is quite obvious. Lithium batteries cannot replace lead-acid batteries for a while because of their high prices. Therefore, if the actual downstream consumption continues to grow or remain strong, lead-acid batteries in 2013 Production is expected to increase simultaneously.” Industry analyst Lin Zhechen said that due to the strong domestic market demand that drives capacity expansion, lead-acid batteries are not likely to be eliminated by the market in the short term. In the future, the management focus of the lead-acid battery industry at the national level will inevitably fall on eliminating outdated production capacity and promoting structural adjustment.   Lin Zhechen’s views represent the views of a considerable number of lead-acid battery manufacturers. The opinions of these manufacturers are reflected in the 'Opinions on Promoting the Standardized Development of Lead-Acid Battery and Recycled Lead Industry'. Regarding the elimination of outdated production capacity, the lead-acid battery and recycled lead industries are regarded as the key industries for the country to eliminate outdated production capacity, and the production capacity of open-type ordinary lead-acid batteries shall be eliminated immediately, and by the end of 2015, those that have not passed the environmental protection inspection and are not in compliance with the access Conditions of backward production enterprises. It is forbidden to transfer backward production capacity to rural areas and the central and western regions. Encourage qualified enterprises to carry out mergers and reorganizations. In terms of strict access, it is necessary to strengthen the record management of new, renovated and expanded lead-acid batteries and recycled lead projects, and prohibit new, renovated, and expanded lead pollutant emissions in important ecological function areas, areas with excessive lead pollution and key areas for the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution. Projects; in non-key areas, new, renovated, and expanded lead-acid batteries and regenerated lead enterprises must meet the requirements for total regional lead pollutant discharge control. In the construction of a cluster of lead-acid batteries and recycled lead enterprises, a planning environmental assessment should be carried out, the planning control of the park should be strengthened, and the requirements for protection distance should be strictly implemented.   In addition, the above-mentioned five departments will increase financial support in the future, and support lead-acid battery companies nationwide to eliminate backward production capacity through the central government’s incentive funds for eliminating backward production capacity in 2012-2015. And implement preferential tax policies. Continue to implement the preferential tax policy of 50% of value-added tax that is immediately refunded for enterprises that use waste lead-acid batteries to produce recycled lead.
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