About the treatment method of the safety valve cover sheet falling off

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-25
Label: About the treatment method of the safety valve cover sheet falling off 1. The function of the safety valve cover sheet: Because it is a sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery, gas is generated inside the battery through a chemical reaction. When the gas reaches a certain pressure, it needs to be discharged through the safety valve. The cover sheet plays a role in shielding and preventing foreign objects from entering the battery and has a beautiful appearance. 2. Solution (1) Use 502 or stickable glue on the red position as shown in the figure to re-adhere the cover sheet (2) We will send professional glue to stick the cover sheet of the safety valve as shown in the figure Falling off and re-adhesive have no effect on the quality of the battery, and it can continue to be used normally. Spread 502 glue around the cover sheet on site and re-adhere it. Remember that the glue cannot stick to the slit in the middle of the cover sheet. This is the channel for gas exhaust and needs to be kept unblocked.
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