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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-27
Weathering test battery general lamps and lanterns design life in 15 years or so, the battery is a weak link in it. 12 v valve control and maintenance-free lead-acid battery, its general design life is five or six years, but in the actual application, generally two or three years will need to be replaced, or even less than a year in the life is over. For a garden lamp with a design life of 15 years, the battery is 12V36Ah, press 0. 6 yuan VAh, if the life is two years, the cost of each replacement is 200 yuan, and the battery needs to be replaced at least 6 times during the life, and the additional cost of the battery is 2755. 2 yuan. If battery life can reach 5 years, in the life of domestic demand to replace three times, additional cost is 1377. 6 yuan, only a battery can save 1377. 6 yuan most use 12 v battery heat dissipation problems now in the lamps and lanterns of valve control and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, it USES a tight assembly structure, the cooling performance is poorer, it belongs to the poor fluid cell, when charging the electrolyte temperature is exorbitant, can accelerate water evaporation battery, also can make plate expansion damage due to overheating and the shell deformation, more important is the battery thermal runaway due to heat accumulation. Accumulator is an important part in system of lamps and lanterns, generally accounts for 10% ~ 20% of the total cost, its performance directly affects the system reliability and life expectancy. Solar energy lamps and lanterns is generally installed in the outdoor, ambient temperature more than 25 ℃, the temperature rise every 10 ℃, the life will be cut in half. So, keep the appropriate temperature on the battery life is very important.
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