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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-26
Battery is a crucial part of the car, can be divided into traditional lead-acid battery and avoid WeiHuXing battery. Free WeiHuXing battery USES lead calcium alloy for grid frame, so the charge when the water quantity is little, water evaporation capacity is also low, coupled with the outer seal structure, the acid gases released rarely. Compared with the traditional battery, do not need to add any liquid, the connection pile head, power storage time is long, etc. Many people knew function and using method of battery, but note that there are many ways of this is wrong. Myth: the battery charge capacity and engine does not match the selected according to engine types and conditions of use reasonable charge capacity of battery, is to improve the efficiency of storage battery, one of the important ways to prolong its service life. Engine starting, the battery output current is very big, in the general case for a - 150 200 a, in the low temperature ( -10℃) Startup of the output current up to 250 - a 300A。 If the battery charge capacity and engine don't match, small capacity battery charge, is in the starting resistance is big, the small charge capacity of battery discharge in severe cases, is bound to accelerate active material per unit time and the reaction of sulfuric acid, make the battery temperature rise, plate bending due to overload, resulting in active substances in clumps, plate early damage and greatly shorten the battery life. If the battery charge capacity is big, although not happen this problem, but we can not make full use of the active substance, make the battery economy. So the battery charge capacity, must match the engine. Usually the choice of the battery charge capacity, should according to the starter power, voltage and the load of the electrical equipment. Erroneous zone 2: a mixture of old and new batteries used in battery, sometimes, the phenomenon of the new and old battery in series. Little imagine, this will shorten the service life of battery. Chemical reactions within the new battery material is more, high voltage, internal resistance is small. Is low, the old real time voltage of the battery internal resistance is bigger. If will be a mixture of old and new battery series, under the charging status, the old battery charged at the ends of the voltage will be higher than the new at the ends of the battery charging voltage, will cause the new battery is not yet adequate but old battery is already too high. In discharge condition, the new battery charge capacity than the old battery charge capacity is big, and caused the old battery discharge excessive, and even cause the old battery. So the battery must not be a mixture of old and new. Myth 3: battery in parallel to mix some driver when you start the engine, due to insufficient original battery to save electricity, was in parallel on a common battery using enough electricity. Actually parallel after full charge battery charged will be a lot of power to save electricity shortage of battery charging, falls off easily to plate active substances, affect the service life. At the same time, after the battery in parallel and can't provide starter large starting current, more conducive to the engine start. Accurate method should be to save electricity shortage of battery to be removed, with sufficient electric battery, and then start the engine.
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