A comprehensive solution must be found to use APCUPS energy in difficult external environments

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-10

With the continuous increase in the use of base stations in the field, apc power supply batteries have gradually shown failures in the harsh operating environments of Pakistan, India and other South Asian regions, which not only caused economic losses to operators, but also damaged operations Supplier’s customer satisfaction APCUPS power supply has conducted extensive research on many battery damage situations in harsh operating environments, deepened the understanding of UPS battery application scenarios, and inquired and analyzed the causes of battery failures. The key to the problem is not the battery itself, but the outdoor battery cabinet does not consider the high temperature maintenance of the battery. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to provide a comprehensive solution for UPS batteries in harsh outdoor environments. The problems of using apcups batteries in outdoor base stations There are many ways to heat outdoor cabinets. Which method is suitable for outdoor battery cabinets? This should start from the product characteristics of UPS batteries. For the lead-acid battery in the communication DC power supply system, the most important thing for the user is the service life. The main factors affecting the service life of lead-acid batteries are ambient temperature and power grid conditions. The service life of apcups battery is closely related to the ambient temperature. The higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the battery life. When the ambient temperature is higher than the design life of the battery by 25°C, the service life will be reduced by half for every 10°C increase. The number and depth of discharge of apcups battery directly affect the service life of the battery. The greater the number and depth of discharge, the shorter the service life of the battery. In other words, frequent power outages will reduce battery life. Regarding outdoor base stations, operators are generally unable to improve grid conditions. Perhaps the cost of improving grid conditions is too high to bear. So we start by lowering the operating environment temperature of UPS batteries to improve battery life.

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