5 danger signs of UPS uninterruptible power supply!

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-15

1. Inverter status

If the mains power is normal but the UPS uninterruptible power supply is in the inverted state, the mains power Enter the transformer winding and fuse to check. If there is no problem, check the secondary circuit and load again.

2. Inverter tube

Check the reason why the inverter tube is burned, and then replace it with a new tube for normal operation Operation. The operating parameters of the new tube must meet the corresponding requirements. The withstand voltage value must exceed 2 times the battery voltage, and the β value must not be lower than 150, otherwise the pressure drop of the tube will increase, and the tube will heat up quickly, causing the phenomenon of being burned again.

3. Power supply monitoring

The monitoring system of the pan-geographic UPS power supply room is composed of front-end equipment, client/server APP , PC large screen terminal consists of three parts. The user can view the operating status and related parameters of the UPS equipment in real time after logging in through the user terminal APP/PC, and can also directly view the operating status and related data of the nursing system on the big screen of the mobile phone. When an exception occurs, the alarm information can be received simultaneously.

4. Logic control circuit

If the logic control circuit fails, you can follow the logic relationship, according to the relevant pin voltage and View the waveform level by level. When checking, unplug the plug at the input end of the inverter tube. Not only can prevent accidents, but also extend the service life of the battery.

5. Battery

When the battery is out of power or the voltage is too low, the inverter tube will burn out. When replacing a new battery, pay attention to the type of the new battery to be replaced with the original battery. The new battery needs to be charged continuously for six hours.

When the external power supply is interrupted, the UPS uninterruptible power supply can supply power to the computer and other equipment in time to prevent the interruption of communication, the loss of important data and the damage of hardware.

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