3 ways to prevent the battery from freezing

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-22
1. After adding distilled water to the battery in winter, it will take a while to mix with the electrolyte evenly. If it is too late to mix well, the distilled water floating on the electrolyte will freeze. For this reason, if you add distilled water to the battery in winter, you should charge it immediately, or add distilled water while charging, so that the electrolyte and distilled water can be mixed quickly, so that it will not freeze. 2.  When the battery is not in use in winter, remove the battery from the car and place it in a room with a temperature above 0°C. Before storing, clean the exterior of the battery, add enough electrolyte, fully charge, and tighten the screw plug. In the future, charge it up every other month, check the electrolyte level every half month, and add it immediately if it is insufficient. In this way, the battery can be guaranteed to survive the winter safely. 3.  Keep the battery from losing power so that it is always in a fully charged state. Because in winter, when the battery is discharged 50%, the electrolyte is in danger of freezing. Therefore, the discharge degree of the battery in winter is not allowed to exceed 50%. In winter, check the battery's power storage situation frequently, and add it in time when it is insufficient.
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