3 modes of battery failure

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
Battery failure mode   1) Positive plate corrosion   Due to battery loss of water, the electrolyte's specific gravity increases, and excessive electrolyte acidity aggravates the positive plate corrosion.  2) Thermal runaway    Thermal runaway refers to a cumulative increase in the charging current and battery temperature when the battery is charged at a constant voltage, and the battery is gradually damaged. From the current survey of battery usage, thermal runaway is one of the main reasons for battery failure. The direct consequence of thermal runaway is the bulging and air leakage of the battery shell, and the decrease of battery capacity. In serious cases, it will cause the deformation of the electrode plate and finally fail. Floating charge voltage is the long-term use of battery charging voltage, and it is a crucial factor affecting battery life. Under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate to set the float voltage at 2.23 ~ 2.25V/cell (25°C). 3) It is conditional for the battery loss of water and valve-regulated lead-acid batteries to not escape gas, that is: no gas should escape during the storage period; no gas should escape when the charging voltage is below 2.35V/cell (25℃) ; No gas should escape during the discharge period. However, when the charging voltage exceeds 2.35V/cell, it may cause gas to escape. At this time, a large amount of gas is generated in the battery body for a short time to be absorbed by the negative electrode. When the pressure exceeds a certain value, it will begin to discharge through the one-way exhaust valve. Although the exhaust gas is filtered out of the acid mist through the filter acid pad, the battery loses gas (that is, water loss), so the valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery cannot be overcharged. 4) Sulfation of the negative plate. When the charge of the valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery is insufficient, the phenomenon of PbSO4 on the positive and negative grids of the battery is called sulfation of the active material. Sulfation makes the active material of the battery Decrease, reduce the effective capacity of the battery, and also affect the gas absorption capacity of the battery, which will cause the battery to fail over time.
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