Why does the maintenance-free battery explode?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-14
Tags: Why does the maintenance-free battery have battery expansion? There are many reasons for battery expansion, and maintenance-free batteries are generally valve-regulated and sealed, which have more opportunities for expansion than ordinary batteries. Let’s see what causes the battery to swell:  1, normal swelling. During the use of the maintenance-free battery, in order to extend the battery life, try to reduce the number of activations of the battery safety valve, so under the action of the internal pressure of the battery, the outer wall swells. When there is internal pressure, the safety valve will not open, and the shell will swell normally. As long as it does not exceed the specified swelling range, it is a normal phenomenon. This phenomenon is beneficial to improve the efficiency of the gas recombination reaction inside the battery and reduce the evaporation of water. Second, the equal charge causes the outer wall to swell. When the maintenance-free battery has just been transferred from the discharged state to the charged state, its internal electrochemical conversion efficiency is relatively high, and the oxygen generated is relatively small. When the battery is close to a fully charged state, the electrochemical conversion efficiency is reduced, and the oxygen production increases, which causes the internal pressure of the battery to rise slightly, and the outer wall of the battery also swells. Under normal circumstances, after the battery is fully charged, this swelling will reach equilibrium. 3. Abnormal expansion. Abnormal expansion may be caused by the following reasons: 1. The temperature difference and voltage difference beyond the normal value can also cause the maintenance-free battery to swell 2. The safety valve is out of control. During the charging process, when the internal gas is too large, the safety valve fails and does not open, resulting in excessive internal pressure and bulging of the outer wall. 3. Excessive charging voltage is the main reason for the swelling of the valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery shell. 4. Thermal runaway causes the battery to swell and deform.
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