Why do lead-acid batteries accumulate lead sulfate

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-22
Label: The basic working principle of lead-acid batteries is the energy formed by the chemical reaction process of ion exchange between sulfuric acid and lead. When the energy of lead sulfate molecules is greater than a low limit value, they dissolve from the plate and return to a liquid state. Then, they can be recharged. But in fact, there is always a part of the sulfate that cannot return to the electrolyte, but sticks to the electrode plate, and eventually forms insoluble crystals. Sulfate crystals are formed in this way: the core energy of these single sulfate molecules that cannot participate in the reaction are all in an extremely low state, and it gradually adsorbs other sulfate molecules that have extremely low energy. When these molecules pile up and bind tightly, a crystal is formed. This crystal cannot be effectively dissolved in the electrolyte. The existence of these crystals occupies the position of the pole plate, so that the pole plate loses the ability to charge and discharge. Lead-acid batteries fail due to lead sulfate. The popular name of this phenomenon is-plate salinization.
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