Why are lead-acid batteries deformed?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-22
Tags: Why are lead-acid batteries deformed? Question: I bought a lead-acid battery not long after it was recycled for use in outdoor electric lights. Because of the cold weather, I was afraid that the capacity of the battery would decrease, so I put it in a sealed box and used it in a sealed box with some heat preservation. Sliver. But within a month, the battery was severely deformed. Why is the battery still deformed? Is it because of battery quality problems or because of problems with my operation? Answer: There are several reasons for the shape deformation of lead-acid batteries, which are mainly affected by factors such as ambient temperature, battery materials, manufacturing processes, battery structure, charging voltage and current. Air pressure is generated during battery charging and discharging. If the ambient temperature is too high, or the battery will have a certain amount of heat during charging and discharging, the battery case will be softened by heating, and the battery will deform as soon as the air pressure is generated. Therefore, lead-acid batteries are not suitable for use in a sealed environment. The battery box needs to have vents to prevent battery accidents.
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