Where does the DC panel battery industry exert its strength?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

   The major reform drama 'State-owned Enterprise Reform Outline Document' promoted by the Xi government officially launched a reform drama involving more than 150,000 central and local state-owned enterprises, more than 10 billion yuan in assets and more than 30 million employees. Among them, the energy industry reform is the most important!

  As the basic industry of the national economy, the success or failure of its reform is directly related to the development of the national economy and the national economy. Therefore, after the introduction of direct current, oil and gas and other energy industry reform plans, the reform plan has attracted much attention. Then, under the framework of state-owned enterprise reform, what new changes will take place in the energy industry? The main research results of the National Energy Network (NEE) are as follows:

   First of all, in the field of DC screen storage batteries, the capital structure is diversified, and the power grid will be transformed into a service-oriented enterprise.

   Regarding the DC battery, it can be learned from the press conference held by the State Council Information Office that the National Development and Reform Commission is formulating at least 10 documents to support the reform of the DC screen battery system. At present, some supporting documents have been issued, and other supporting documents will be released soon. It is expected that the future DC screen storage battery field will present the following characteristics:

  1. Newly established power sales company with diversified capital structure

   The establishment of a diversified capital structure and a multi-component power sales company is a concrete implementation of the reform of the DC screen battery system in order to break the State Grid Corporation’s monopoly on electricity prices. Existing power generation companies may be the beneficiaries of this specific implementation plan. In theory, a power generation company can set up its own sales company, and only need to pay a certain fee to the State Grid Corporation.

  2. The monopoly of DC-panel battery breaks the ice, driven by local investment

   With the continuous reform of the DC-panel battery system In-depth, the reform of the top-level design of the DC screen battery system aims to increase the service functions of the grid company to weaken the monopoly of the grid. *Reducing the degree of coupling between local governments and local power grid companies will naturally weaken the interest relationship between power grids and local governments, and local governments’ attention will be shifted to factors such as the creation of fiscal revenue and job opportunities. In terms of policy, fiscal or tax support, or encourage social capital to enter the current battery industry to compete.


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