Where are solar batteries used?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

Where are solar batteries used?

Switching power supply for lighting lamps: solar power street lamps, garden lamps, lawn lamps, flashlights, camping lamps, mountain lamps, vulcanized rubber lamps, led energy-saving lamps, etc.

Urban public transportation system software: solar-powered traffic signs, traffic lights, traffic signs, high-altitude obstruction lights, road/railway radio stations, evacuation lights, no one on duty switch power supply.

Communication/communication system: solar power generation unmanned microwave heating relay station, cable repair center, wireless communication tower switching power supply, small communication, GPS switching power supply.

Small and medium-sized solar power station system software (10-100w): suitable for military and civilian use of electricity for food, clothing, housing, transportation and other remote and non-electric engineering areas such as mountain plateau areas, islands, large farm areas, border troops , Can drive solar power pumps, water suction pumps, household water irrigation, lighting fixtures, televisions, wireless communications and other electrical products.

Photovoltaic power station: concurrent power supply system with high roof in the home (both self-reliance and integrated power grid), separate photovoltaic power station, wind speed filling power plant, large and medium-sized underground parking lot electric vehicle charging station, solar power mobile Charger, etc.

Wind power generation system, wind power generation and other complementary power generation system software.

Other industries: deep-sea EPS emergency power supply, deep-sea testing machinery and equipment, climate and astronomy observation machinery and equipment, instruments and equipment, indoor space solar power stations, etc.

There are three types of rechargeable batteries commonly used in storage, namely, general storage batteries, dry-charge storage batteries, and protection-free storage batteries.

(1) General storage battery; the general storage battery's electrical level is composed of lead, which is composed of lead and lead oxide, and the electrolyte of lithium battery is a solution of hydrochloric acid. Its key advantages are stable working voltage, high quality and low price, low specific energy (that is, storage power engineering per kilogram of rechargeable batteries), short application cycle and regular maintenance frequency.

(2) Dry-charged battery: its full name is dry-charged lead-acid battery, and its key feature is that the negative plate has a high environmental protection and energy-saving working ability. Under the thorough dry standard, 2 Can save electricity consumption during the year.

(3) Protection-free storage battery: Due to its structural advantages, the use of electrolyte solution is not large, and water vapor distillation must be filled during the service period. It has the characteristics of seismic grade, high temperature, small volume, and low lithium battery life. The service life is generally twice that of ordinary rechargeable batteries. There are also two types of maintenance-free rechargeable batteries on the sales market: you don’t need to purchase disposable lithium battery electrolyte for future applications (upgrade the purchase of aqueous solutions); the other is that the battery itself has been filled with electrolyte and sealed when it leaves the factory. If you die, the user can't add make-up fluid.

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