When photovoltaic (pv) in energy storage in the future life will be so good!

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-23
Photovoltaic (pv) in China has been growing up, we know, the existence and development of photovoltaic (pv) has received people's recognition and acceptance, even ordinary families has appeared the figure of photovoltaic (pv), installed the photovoltaic people reversed each month to the national electric power company pay the electricity charge. Power themselves with, also can do a legitimate sell electricity & other Small businessman & throughout; , life has been slowly toward the good, but, when the pv in energy storage and can bring about sparks of how? Simple working principle of the energy storage, energy storage is storing energy, when does not need to use the excess energy save, do not waste, the purpose of this is the basic definition of energy storage, however, photovoltaic energy storage and what does it matter? The existence of the photovoltaic (pv) need energy storage? The above two pictures is about the basic working principle of storage. We all know the working principle of pv is not generating electricity during the day night, and now also put light phenomenon is more serious, to the waste of electricity and to be used when needed, it is still the direction of the efforts by the new energy industry, it seems, energy storage is the pv or other wind power new energy development bottleneck of a solution, photovoltaic (pv) and the function of the photovoltaic energy storage must be developed to get incisively and vividly! Photovoltaic (pv) + the goodness of energy storage using photovoltaic (pv) already seeped the life of people, the photovoltaic roof, solar road, photovoltaic tree and so on are all large items, the future of solar bag, solar robot, photovoltaic umbrella but people often want to use it, then we have a look at what is the function of the emergence of energy storage for photovoltaic (pv)? Although photovoltaic solar energy storage is more adapt to the family appeared to people's interest, and the only downside is the demand of people is always rising increase, electricity during the day, and people at work during the day and night is the electricity peak, in the evening, however, photovoltaic power generation, is also for this reason for people to select the mode of photovoltaic (pv) grid has certain restrictions. As photovoltaic hassle falling, under the condition of invariable interests, pv has enjoyed ( To view the 2017 national household photovoltaic installations data) , coupled with the arrival of the energy storage, change & other; Abandoned electric power brownouts & throughout; With the status quo of electricity during the day night, the extra electric energy can be stored up to sell to countries, hair how much electricity belong to oneself, how to deal with the electric energy is also decide for themselves. Power grow waste not only, it is just a complemented the photovoltaic (pv), think about the future life is very good, this time you still have what reason not to install pv? “ Photovoltaic (pv) + energy storage & throughout; The little red car photovoltaic technology has been used in all kinds of things, this is not, even a bicycle on the photovoltaic technology to use, and also make pv with energy storage, use rise more convenient! Each a small red car on the wheel design, some nifty and decorative pattern. And on the design of the rear lights, increase the active LED lighting design. Of course, the most & other; Suction eye & throughout; Is the frame between the battery. With a treasure of the little red car batteries, can easily ride 10 km. In fact, more than 10 kilometers, if a piece of treasure no battery, you can be the next public bicycle service point in rent a piece of, continue to ride with pleasure. Photovoltaic energy storage is the direction of the future is on October 11, 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology, ministry of industry and energy bureau jointly issued on the guidance to promote the development of energy storage technology and industry in China '. As energy storage industry first guiding policy in China, on the guidance to promote the development of energy storage technology and industry in China, aimed at the present stage our country exists in the process of energy storage technology and industrial development policy support is insufficient, insufficient research and demonstration, technical standards, the problem such as lack of overall planning, high specific energy storage in the smart grid and renewable energy accounted for an important application value in energy systems and energy to the Internet, is put forward in the next 10 years in China's energy storage technology and industry development targets and key tasks. The policy set a milestone for China's energy storage industry development, has been clear about the energy storage in our country and thorough going efforts to promote clean energy revolution, the construction of low carbon strategic positioning in the safe and efficient modern energy system, will greatly inspired energy storage industry practitioners, promote healthy development of China's energy storage industry. Along with our country national economy and social development into & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Stage, the energy sector has entered the acceleration period, promote energy revolution xu li energy storage in promoting renewable energy given, improve the stability of power system flexibility and realize the intelligent control and energy efficient utilization, promote energy science and technology innovation of application value. The attention of government and society for energy storage industry is increasing, the localization gradually clear, rapid development has become an inevitable trend in the future. Now energy storage technology is now all the direction of the joint efforts, and subsidies on energy storage battery has come on stage, because of the emergence of the stored energy subsidies, experts predict the outbreak of the energy storage or in 2019, whether energy storage will broke out in 2019, to be sure: energy storage must be the development direction of the future, then realize the maximization of the energy use of photovoltaic, make clean energy puts glorious greatly!
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