When does the car battery need to be replaced

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

The car battery drives the starting part of the whole car and the power supply system part of the electrical appliances. When the car is on fire, the battery capacity is not enough, and the car cannot start normally, just like an ordinary person has legs and cannot walk. In that way, car batteries still have a certain key influence in the entire car application, so car batteries will also have their own lifespan in the application, and the original car battery can be used normally for more than three years.

Generally speaking, when the battery does not lose power, the life of the car battery is guaranteed. Cars that drive safely at home are more concerned, and they can be used in prudent applications for about four years. This also lies in the quality of the battery, and the quality of the original battery is stronger. Compared with the matching rechargeable battery you have removed and replaced, you will need to replace it again after two years.

There are taxis walking on the road every day. They change shifts during the day and night, and they change more frequently in use. Single-shift rental will basically be replaced once a year, while double-buses cannot easily last for one year. In other words, it will take more than half a year. The car will not be able to rotate during the day and night, and it will be used by everyone. The seat is exhausted in the work. That way, the application frequency of each vehicle is different, and the replacement time of the rechargeable battery is also different. This is not a fixed data. So let's take a look at when the car battery needs to be replaced?

Look at the appearance:

The appearance of the car battery, whether the two sides are still flat without significant expansion and deformation, and no bulge. There is no new powdered metal oxide on the top of the battery. New batteries will not easily have such metal oxides. After a period of application, green oxides will continue to appear on the battery pile head. This situation indicates that the performance of the battery has begun to change, and the performance is poor, which is also one of the first conditions for replacing a new battery.

Measure the battery voltage:

Check the battery voltage with a battery meter or use a multimeter to predict whether it needs to be replaced. Under normal conditions, the no-load voltage of the battery is around 13 volts, and the full-load voltage is also above 12 volts.

Look at the battery observation port:

Most cars are maintenance-free batteries. This battery will have a power observation port, where the power consumption can be observed: Observation port Seeing the green light means that the battery is fully charged, and the yellow light means that the battery is slightly depleted. If it appears black, it is a warning, indicating that the battery cannot start the car normally, which means that the battery is about to retire. According to this key point, understand how to observe the appearance of the battery, observe the battery operating state from the inside to the outside, all the normal application appearance can continue to be used, the appearance appears bulging, deformed, and there is green oxide. Pay attention to it. The working voltage of the battery, look at the color inside the battery in the observation port, you can distinguish the application status of the battery, the situation is not optimistic, and do not insist on using it.

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