What to pay attention to when purchasing batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-20

  There are two points to pay attention to when buying a battery:

   1. The quality of the battery. First, observe the appearance of the battery to see if the battery is damaged or bulging. The battery has potential safety hazards under the above-mentioned conditions and must not be used, otherwise there will be unexpected consequences. The second is to know the material of the battery. As we all know, as the core material of batteries-lead, its quality determines the quality of batteries. Secondly, it depends on the material of the battery casing.

   2. Battery warranty time. Batteries are not like fast-moving products. Its life cycle is very long, usually about 5 years, some even longer. If quality problems occur during this period, maintenance personnel are required to perform maintenance, which is also a small expense. Therefore, the warranty time is very important. The battery warranty period of these big brands is usually one year, and the after-sales maintenance procedures are cumbersome. On the contrary, some domestic brands of batteries are much cheaper after sale.

   Here, the editor recommends several cost-effective, high-quality, and convenient after-sales service for Jiangsu users. The battery is complete, and the first wire raw material and shell are made of ABS material to ensure the quality of the battery. Batteries are mainly used in telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom and other communications industries.


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