What protective measures does the UPS power system have in terms of lightning protection?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-15

 Ups power supply system lightning protection is a highly technical and professional work, it is best to be carried out under the guidance of relevant departments and professional and technical personnel. Attention should be paid to comprehensively and systematically considering issues, and various factors such as flashover, shielding, grounding, equipotential, and zone lightning protection should be considered comprehensively. With the continuous development of UPS technology, higher requirements will be put forward for the lightning protection of the power system. Therefore, to do a good job in the lightning protection of the UPS power supply, the following points must be strictly done:

   1. The external lightning protection measures and the internal lightning protection measures must be taken into account, comprehensive planning, and grounding and so on. Potential connection. Improve the external lightning protection system of the building where the equipment is located, and install air-termination devices, down conductors and lightning protection grounding nets in accordance with the national standard 'Code for Design of Building Lightning Protection' (GB50057-94 (2000 Edition)). Do the grounding of the computer room. According to the national standard 'Code for Design of Electronic Computer Room' (GB50174-1993), AC working ground, DC working ground, safety protection ground, and lightning protection ground should share a set of grounding devices, and the grounding resistance shall be according to the minimum requirement. Confirm; if the grounding must be set separately, an equipotential grounding coupler must be installed between the two grounds.

   Second, take multi-level protective measures. The so-called multi-level protection is to weaken the lightning current hierarchically in accordance with the principle of electromagnetic compatibility, and install the suitable lightning arrester in the power line into the household power distribution cabinet, the floor power distribution cabinet and the computer room into the household power distribution box. For UPS with signal or communication interface, in order to prevent the introduction of lightning waves from the signal or communication line, a corresponding signal lightning arrester must be installed at the signal or communication line interface. The central content of lightning protection is discharge and equalization. Discharge discharges as much lightning current as possible and as far as possible to the ground, while keeping it out of the communication system. Equalization is to reduce the potential difference generated by the lightning current on the conductive objects to prevent the lightning current from counterattack.

   Third, the installation location of the UPS power supply should be particulary. According to the building zoning method of the International Electrotechnical Commission ICE1312-1 ((Protection of Lightning Electromagnetic Pulses), the power supply room belongs to the LPZ1 zone. Objects in this zone cannot be directly struck by lightning, and the electromagnetic field in this zone may attenuate. That is, The power supply should be installed in the LPZ1 zone. At the same time, in order to prevent the strong electromagnetic field* generated by lightning current, the power supply should be placed at a certain distance from the wall, and the distance from the down-conducting line of the external wall column steel bar is ≥ 0.83m, that is, the equipment is in lightning current The safe area of u200bu200bthe magnetic field. And ground the shield of the machine shell, and strengthen the connection of the cabinet door with the ground. The cabinet becomes the LPZ2 zone.

   The above is all the introduction of the lightning protection measures of the power system. I hope you have Helped

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