What is the reason for the swelling of the battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

The shorter the cycle life. Life is an indicator that indicates the rate of attenuation of battery capacity. With the deepening of use, the attenuation of the battery capacity is inevitable, every time it is charged and discharged. It is called a charge-discharge cycle, which is the charge-discharge cycle that the battery can carry out while maintaining a certain output capacity. It is called the service life of the battery, and the battery work is a continuous charge-discharge-charge-discharge cycle. Discharge according to a certain standard, when the capacity of the battery drops to a certain value before.

What is the reason for the swelling of the battery?

1. The vent hole is blocked

If the vent hole on the battery filling cover is blocked or not unblocked, during the charging time The gas generated in the case of too long or too high charging voltage will gradually accumulate, so that the pressure in the battery case will increase and the battery will swell.

2, the charging time is too long

As mentioned above, when the battery charging current is too large or the charging time is too long A large amount of gas will be generated. In addition, if the current is too large or the charging time is too long, the electrolyte temperature will be rapid, and this will easily swell the battery.

3. The battery plate is vulcanized

If the battery plate is vulcanized, then during charging, single cell The voltage and electrolyte temperature will rise rapidly, and the bubbles will be generated earlier and react. At this time, it is easy for the battery to swell.

4. The continuous starting time of starting the motor is too long

When starting the starting motor, the battery needs a short time The internal motor provides a large current, and a large starting current will inevitably cause a chemical reaction inside the battery, and will be accompanied by the generation of gas. When the starting motor is continuously used for too long, the gas generation will be aggravated, which increases Possibility of battery cracking.

5. The welding of the poles and poles of the battery inner plate and the bus bar is not firm

When the battery inner plate The lugs and poles of the battery are not firmly welded to the busbar. If the large current is discharged, the welding area will cause ignition and ablation due to too fine or poor points, which will cause sparks to ignite the hydrogen-oxygen mixture produced by the battery , Thus the battery.

6. The electrolyte viscosity is too large

If the electrolyte viscosity is large, it will easily penetrate into the pores of the electrode plate. The slow speed will also increase the internal resistance, so that the voltage drop consumed on the internal resistance during discharge will also increase. This will cause the electrolyte temperature to rise rapidly and produce a large amount of gas, which will increase the gas pressure inside the battery and swell the battery.

7. The amount of electrolyte is too small

I believe everyone knows that the battery will have electrolyte after a period of use , You need to add electrolyte or distilled water at this time. After the electrolyte is overcharged, the battery will bulge, and even cause it.

8. The charger is damaged

When the charger or the generator on the engine is damaged, its current or voltage It may be large and small, which easily reacts in the battery, thereby generating a large amount of gas, and then the battery swells.

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