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by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

  What is a power supply? What is the battery connection?

   The device that converts other forms of electricity into electricity is called a power source. Generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, and dry batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Generators, dry batteries, etc. are called power sources. The device that converts alternating current into direct current through a transformer and a rectifier is called a rectifier power supply. An electronic device that can provide a signal is called a signal source. The crystal transistor amplifies the signal sent from the front and sends the amplified signal to the loop. The crystal transistor can also be regarded as the signal source of the back circuit. Rectified power supply, signal source is sometimes called power supply.

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   Talking about the management of battery operation

  Currently The valve-regulated lead-acid battery used in many UPS power supplies has been called maintenance-free battery from the beginning, which makes users mistakenly believe that the battery is durable and does not require maintenance at all. In this misleading way, many users have hardly been maintained or managed since the battery was installed.

   When the battery is subjected to the following conditions, the battery in the UPS power supply should be charged fairly: excessive discharge causes the terminal voltage to be lower than the standard voltage specified by the battery. The 12V sealed lead-acid battery has a discharge calibration voltage of 10.5V, a 24V battery is 21V, and a 96V battery is 85V. Contact: 18038382979


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