What is a bipolar lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-14
Label: Lead-acid batteries are bipolar compared to unipolar. In a traditional lead-acid battery, one grid corresponds to one polarity, that is, either positive or negative. For bipolar, one substrate is used, but both sides of the plate are coated with positive paste and negative paste, that is, a substrate has two One polarity. For example, the minimum cell voltage of a unipolar lead-acid battery is 2V, and a bipolar cell consists of a bipolar substrate and two unipolar plates to form 6V. A comparison shows that if a 6v battery is made, 3 cells and 6 boards are required for unipolarity, and for bipolarity, only one bipolarity board corresponds to 2 unipolar boards on both sides, a total of 3 boards. The obvious advantage of the bipolar lead-acid battery is that it reduces the number of grids and the weight of the busbar. In addition, the bipolar cells are connected in series, the current path is short, and the internal resistance is small. It can provide a higher voltage with a smaller volume and increase the specific energy. The difficulty in bipolar manufacturing lies in the selection and manufacture of the substrate, that is, how to ensure its light weight (increasing specific energy), non-porous (preventing internal short circuit), good electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance. The second is how to design a more reasonable structure so that it has a better process guarantee for sealing, forming, and maintenance-free. The emergence of bipolar lead-acid batteries has greatly compensated for the shortcomings of low-mass specific energy and slow charging speed of lead-acid batteries, providing a broad prospect for lead-acid batteries as power sources for electric vehicles. The development history of bipolar lead-acid batteries is briefly introduced, and the structural characteristics of bipolar lead-acid batteries are introduced by comparing the structure with ordinary batteries. The base material is the key to bipolar lead-acid battery technology. The base material currently used in bipolar lead-acid batteries is introduced. Finally, the main features and advantages of bipolar lead-acid batteries are briefly introduced, and their development prospects are prospected.
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