What are the key reasons for the loss of power for motorcycle batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

Motorcycle power loss is a kind of battery failure that is very easy to occur during the application process. When the car has such common failures, it will affect the starting characteristics. However, in the middle and later use, if you pay attention to some related matters, just Can reduce the probability of such failures.

First, let’s take a look at the key reasons that cause the motorcycle battery to lose power?

1. Frequent start

Frequent start due to short driving distance will cause the battery to lose power to a very large extent. Because the battery is working as a battery charging The entire process of discharging, frequent starting and short-circuit driving, will ease the entire process of battery charging, and will also consume a lot of car battery voltage.

2. Service life

The battery also has its own service life. Under normal circumstances, when its use time is too long, even if there are no additional hazards, it will There will be a decrease in characteristics.

3. Insufficient battery charge

The battery charge is not enough. In addition to the short driving distance and frequent start-ups, it is also related to the battery charging system of the motorcycle itself, such as the rectifier. If the working voltage of the regulated power supply is too low, the battery will be out of power.

4. Excessive load

Most of the original routes, batteries, and power-consuming machinery and equipment are very matched. In the later stage, people modified high-power power-consuming machines and equipment due to certain requirements, which would increase the load of all battery charging system software and batteries. In such cases, the batteries were injured immediately.

5. Improper maintenance

The battery must also be maintained in the middle and later stages. When the battery is found to be dead for the first time, it must be charged and checked. If necessary, add filling fluid to the liquid level diagram (the key here is for the water battery), and check the credibility of the battery connection pile head.

6. Circuit failure

In the whole process of the car application, an intermittent short-circuit fault condition will occur at a certain route node, which causes the battery to be overcharged and discharged, which makes the battery unable to proceed. All normal battery charging work.

The above six points are more common, and the motorcycle battery is very easy to run out of electricity. Combining these six points, everyone can reduce the battery in the mid-to-late application. Probability of power loss.

First, we need to check the application of the battery, whether it is overcharged or not charged, and then we should carry out the necessary maintenance of the battery, including 'draining water' to fill the battery. , Solve the pile head, but also try to reduce the power consumption of machinery and equipment and frequently start. According to the above repair and maintenance, if the battery has not reached the time limit for replacement, then its electrical storage performance It will be restored, and if there is no change as before, it means that the battery must be replaced.

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