What are the harmful factors to UPS battery life

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

Maintenance method of ups battery:

1 Maintain proper working temperature

In order to make the battery charge reasonable, the working temperature range should be between 530, and the battery charging efficiency varies with temperature. It increases as it rises, but the temperature rises above 45. The characteristics of high temperature rechargeable battery materials will be reduced, and the service life of the rechargeable battery will be greatly shortened.

2 Charge and discharge the battery on time

The floating working voltage and working voltage of the switching power supply battery are adjusted to the rated current of the original device, and the charging and discharging current increases with the increase of the load. Generally speaking, the load is not suitable for a growth rate of 60%. In this category, it is not easy to increase the charging and discharging current of the battery.

3 When will the used/bad rechargeable battery be replaced?

During the continuous operation of the UPS battery, due to the difference in characteristics and quality, the performance of some batteries is reduced, the storage capacity cannot meet the requirements, and the It is inevitable. When one or more lithium-ion batteries are damaged, the repairer should inspect each battery to remove the damaged battery. When the new UPS switching power supply battery is replaced, it is important to choose the same rechargeable battery as the manufacturer.

What are the harmful factors to UPS battery life:

1. Ambient temperature

High ambient temperature will cause the battery to overcharge the battery, low operating temperature will cause the battery Enough charge, which is harmful to the life of the battery. Therefore, the standard operating temperature of the UPS switch battery is around 25°C, and the operating voltage of the UPS float is set according to this temperature.

2. Deep charge and discharge

The higher the charge and discharge depth of the switching power supply, the lower the application frequency of the circulatory system, and it is necessary to prevent deep charge and discharge.

3. In the process of storage, discharge, transportation and installation, due to the service life of the lithium battery, the battery will lose a certain capacity

The remaining capacity of the rechargeable battery should be based on the switching power supply battery. The open circuit voltage is solved. For the reserved battery, the battery should be fully charged once every three months. Through accurate measurement of open circuit voltage, the advantages and disadvantages of rechargeable batteries can be distinguished.

4. UPS battery charge and discharge current

For example, a 100-hour rechargeable battery, c100a. The lead-acid battery current is up and down, and the current cannot exceed it. Too much current or too little is harmful to battery life.

5. Battery charging operating voltage

Because the ups battery is a predetermined operating mode, the voltage is usually charged in the battery, and only when the power supply is cut off, it can be charged and discharged. In order to improve the service life of the battery, the rising charging head usually adopts a constant current overcurrent protection method to operate, and then it becomes a floating charge. If the battery is charged too high, the battery will overcharge the battery, but it is also full.

6. Installation in natural environment

Switching power supply storage battery should be installed in a clean, cool, naturally ventilated, dry area, and should be protected from the sun, heaters or other radiation sources. . The switching power supply rechargeable battery should be raised and the viewing angle cannot be tilted. Each rechargeable battery is connected to an indirect terminal.

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