What are the energy storage batteries commonly used in UPS systems?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

How to monitor the battery to accurately predict its critical failure period and how to extend the effective life of the battery. Solving these two problems requires close cooperation between UPS manufacturers and battery manufacturers. Under normal circumstances, the main factor that affects battery performance is continuous charging, and continuous charging of the battery will reduce its service life by about half.

What are the energy storage batteries commonly used in UPS systems?

1) Alkaline nickel-cadmium storage battery

  Alkaline storage battery uses KOH or NaOH aqueous solution as the electrolyte, nickel-cadmium storage battery is alkaline storage battery, and alkaline nickel-cadmium storage storage battery is relatively Because lead-acid batteries have long life, high rate, and can be sealed. The IEC285 and IEC623 standards stipulate that the cycle life is 500~1000 times and it can work for 5~10 years. It has good high and low temperature performance, high rate (5~10 rate) discharge performance, in addition to the memory effect, the manufacturing process is complicated, and it is the material of the cadmium nickel battery. Except for expensive shortage, it is superior to lead-acid batteries in other aspects, and its price is dozens of times that of lead-acid batteries, and the monomer voltage is low (). Generally, nickel-cadmium batteries should not be used for UPS systems, especially for high-power UPS systems. The cost of nickel-cadmium batteries is very considerable.

2) Valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery

   The valve-regulated lead-acid battery is composed of abundant materials, low price, and high monomer voltage (2V), which is sealed by valve control. Now the technology is very mature, the high-current and high-rate discharge performance basically meets the working requirements of the UPS system, and it does not pollute the environment during the work. The price is much cheaper than the nickel-cadmium battery. It is especially suitable for high-power UPS systems. It is the battery of choice for UPS systems at present.

3) Gel sealed lead-acid battery

   Gel valve-regulated lead-acid battery and valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery have basically the same working principle, but The two systems provide different channels for the oxygen evolved from the positive electrode to reach the negative electrode, so the structure and process are different. The specific gravity of the electrolyte of a colloidal battery is different for batteries of different purposes. Gel lead-acid batteries are suitable for occasions with shorter power requirements. Although the internal resistance of gel-sealed lead-acid batteries is slightly higher than that of valve-regulated batteries, their discharge capacity and high-current discharge performance are still as good as valve-regulated batteries. Gel valve-regulated lead-acid batteries overcome thermal runaway electro-hydraulic stratification in their service life, and are superior to valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries. The oxygen recombination efficiency of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries is higher than that of colloidal valve-regulated lead-acid batteries and can be maintenance-free. The process of gel valve-regulated lead-acid battery is more complicated, so acid gas can not be avoided, and the cost is higher. The voltage balance between the cells needs to be improved. Because of its low water consumption, gel-valve-regulated lead-acid battery has a slightly longer life than valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery. Long, usually 5 to 10 years. However, gel valve-regulated lead-acid battery technology must be done well in all aspects to show its superiority. Its capacity is similar to that of conventional discharge. However, the adhesion of gel valve-controlled lead-acid batteries and the theoretical analysis of electrochemical kinetics show that the mass transfer rate of high-speed discharge is very poor, and the low-temperature internal resistance is relatively large. The stability of gel-valve-controlled lead-acid batteries needs to be improved, so As a UPS system with high rate requirements, valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries have their own advantages compared with gel valve-regulated lead-acid batteries.

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