What are the components of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

Lead-acid batteries are one of the batteries. Because of its low price, high charging rate, and good emission characteristics, it is widely used, such as automobiles, motorcycles, trains, cargo ships, communications and UPS. Lead-acid batteries are composed of positive electrode plates, negative electrode plates, lithium battery electrolyte, containers, electrodes, diaphragms, and conductive chemicals.

What are the components of lead-acid batteries:

1. Positive plate (positive active material)

Lead dioxide is the main component of the active material of the positive sheet. There are two lattice constants, one is -Pb02 and the other is -Pb02. The two lead dioxide active materials are very different and have different effects on the anode film. The volume of pb02 is twice that of -pbo2. Although -Pb02 has good impact toughness, but its existence, the positive electrode active material is not suitable for softening, can only reach the ratio of -Pb02 and -PbO2, lead-acid batteries will mainly show good performance.

2. Negative plate (negative active material)

In lead-acid batteries, in order to provide a negative active material that can reflect the electrolyte of the lithium battery, lead is made into a porous structure sponge When charging and discharging, the external circulation electronic device produces pb2, and the sulfate in the aqueous solution melts into lead sulfate. When the battery is charged, a part of pbso4 first dissolves into pb2 and so4. pb2 accepts the lattice constant of the electronic device that converts lead into a negative active material.

Three. Electrolyte

The key raw material in the electrolyte of lead-acid battery lithium battery is hydrochloric acid. There are two kinds of sulfuric acid on the market, one is industrial grade Sulfuric acid has low purity and is not suitable for lead-acid batteries. The other is high-purity analysis, which is suitable for lead-acid batteries. The content of hydrochloric acid is 98%, and the composition of hydrochloric acid in sulfuric acid is 9%. There is no transparent liquid. Therefore, in the entire lithium battery electrolyte configuration process, safety protection must be paid to prevent current risks. When configuring, do not add water to the sulfuric acid, but slowly add sulfuric acid to the water.

In the entire lithium battery electrolyte configuration process of the lead-acid battery, the adjustment of water is higher, and the residual amount in the water is higher. Lead-acid batteries have no color, so the sediment composition should be reduced. The general test water standard is expressed in resistance (cm) or conductivity. The resistance measurement method is very simple. A digital multimeter is used to transfer the resistance to 20m. The distance between two DC ammeters of the digital multimeter is 1cm, and the resistance of the resistance is 5-10m.

Four. Separator

The separator is also one of the key components of lead-acid batteries. Its quality is very harmful to rechargeable batteries. Its key function is to avoid positive and negative electrode plates The short-circuit fault. The gap occupies a larger area to prevent the active material from falling to the other side of the polar block. Therefore, the baffle has a smaller diameter and a larger number of holes.

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