What are some good habits that can increase the service life of car batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

Generally speaking, the normal service life of all car batteries is about three years. If the selection is incorrect or the overhaul is improper, the battery power supply system 'lack of power' prematurely, it is very likely that it will be destroyed in less than 3 years. However, if used appropriately, the battery life can be extended to 5 to 6 years. What is the function of the battery? What are some good habits that can increase the service life of car batteries?

1. Unplug the external device when the flame is turned off. There are more and more external devices in the car. The additional electrical equipment itself increases the burden on the battery, but many car owners In order to improve the convenience and comfort of the car, the power interface of the cigarette lighter is often used to connect many devices. The cigarette lighter of some models is still in the energized mode when the ignition is off, and the battery is consumed. Therefore, turning off the cigarette lighter when the flame is turned off will actually extend the life of the battery.

2. The owner of the multimedia system or air-conditioning unit that turned off before the car is turned off, shall not turn off the multimedia or air-conditioning unit before the car is turned off. When the car is started, this kind of system starts, and it is not easy to cause the instantaneous power load of the car to be too large, especially in the central air-conditioning, long-term application of battery load.

3. Control the ignition time and frequency

When starting the diesel engine, it is best to control the diesel engine time within 3 seconds. If the first module is unsuccessful, it is proposed to restart after 15 seconds. Otherwise, the battery often presents a strong current for the diesel engine, causing damage to the diesel engine itself.

4. Usual maintenance of the battery

When the car is parked for a long time, the battery can be removed. In addition, regularly remove the corrosion of the electrode pile head, and grease the pile head after removal to prevent corrosion.

Some car owners feel it is very easy to change the battery, but do not recommend changing the battery by themselves. Because the driving force of the car must be disconnected during the whole process of disassembly and replacement, the car clock must be reset, and some cars must also reset the power switch of the panoramic sunroof and the power switch of the laminated glass elevator. Some high-end cars also need an electronic computer to reset the car's safe driving electronic computer, making it more difficult.

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