Water replenishment procedures for lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-19
Label: The water replenishment procedure for lead-acid batteries must follow the following steps: 1. First prepare the materials. Prepare electrolyte with distilled water and pure acid, the ratio is 500mL distilled water and 0.5mL pure sulfuric acid. Prepare a standard rubber exhaust valve as a spare. The required tools are a screwdriver, a straw (can be replaced by a disposable needle), a transparent polyethylene tube (the diameter of which should fit the suction of the straw or needle), ABS glue. 2. Pry open the cover plate above the lead-acid battery along the vent hole. The covers of some lead-acid batteries are glued with ABS glue, and the covers of some lead-acid batteries are connected with buckles. Be careful not to damage the cover when you pry the cover off. At this time, the rubber caps of the 6 exhaust valves can be seen. 3. Open the rubber cap to expose the vent hole, through the vent hole you can see the inside of the lead-acid battery. The exhaust valve of some lead-acid batteries can be unscrewed, and there are some fillers around the rubber caps of some lead-acid batteries. Take care to remove the fillers. 4. Use a straw to suck up the prepared electrolyte and inject it from the exhaust hole. The electrolyte should cover exactly 1mm of the plate. 5. Cover the vent hole of the lead-acid battery filled with electrolyte with a breathable shield to prevent dust from falling into the vent hole. Stand still for 24 hours and observe whether there is flowing electrolyte (free acid) inside the vent. If not, replenish the electrolyte.
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