Waste lead-acid batteries - processing-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-23
Discarded lead-acid battery have been implemented completely in our country, but the regeneration rate is around 90%, only 98% for developed countries. So, 300000 tons a year no effective regeneration of lead-acid battery, causing environmental hazard. It is understood that in the process of waste lead acid battery pretreatment, pollution mainly exist in the leachate overflow, hammer mill to open the battery broken lead particles in the sewage, water separation of leaks, etc. The medium in contact with the soil or in the form of waste residue, waste gas discharge will be caused great pollution to the environment. More regardless of the lack of qualified small businesses, in the form of a similar workshop savagely disassemble the battery on human, furnace recycling. It was for the consideration of environmental protection, in the last year on September 5, China's ministry of industry, environmental protection jointly issued the 'the secondary lead industry access conditions', eliminate backward production capacity, strict new project of examination and approval, establish relevant eia standard, etc. Lin Zhechen said that in recent years, the government & other; Punch & throughout; Strike action, the lead battery industry for the healthy development of the industry of the state, give a lot of attention. But he also said, & other; Want to fundamentally governance lead battery pollution to the environment, also need to begin from fountainhead, strengthen national regulation, to enlarge. ”
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