Use of sealed lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-19
The sealed lead-acid battery uses pure sulfuric acid aqueous solution as the electrolyte, and its density is 1.29-1.3lg/cm3. Except for a part of the electrolyte absorbed inside the plate, most of it exists in the glass fiber membrane.  The electrolyte of the colloidal sealed lead battery is made up of silica sol and sulfuric acid. The concentration of the sulfuric acid solution is lower than that of the AGM battery, usually 1.26~1.28g/cm3. The amount of electrolyte is 20% more than that of AGM batteries, which is equivalent to flooded batteries. This electrolyte exists in a colloidal state and is filled in the separator and between the positive and negative electrodes. The sulfuric acid electrolyte is surrounded by gel and will not flow out of the battery. Recent research work has shown that the formulation of colloidal electrolyte is improved, the size of colloidal particles is controlled, and hydrophilic polymer additives are added to reduce the concentration of colloidal liquid to increase permeability and affinity to the electrode plate. Vacuum filling technology is used and composite spacers are used. Plates or AGM separators replace rubber separators to improve battery liquid absorption; eliminate the battery’s sedimentation tank, and moderately increase the active material content of the plate area. As a result, the discharge capacity of the gel-sealed battery can reach or approach the open-type lead-acid battery s level.
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