- UPS power supply system of storage battery monitoring and management UPS battery _UPS lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-09-01
Although lithium ion battery technology is becoming increasingly popular, valve control type lead acid ( VRLA) Battery is still in today's data center UPS power supply system application more widely. However, you must adopt a proper battery monitoring strategy management, to maximize the prolong its service life, and make sure the battery damage before detection, and to improve adverse environmental or operating conditions. Valve control type lead acid ( VRLA) Battery still maintain its dominant position, because is still considered the safest, most reliable, most applications, the most cost-effective technology. However, valve control type lead acid ( VRLA) The reliability of the battery depends on the run in the right environment, and work normally during the whole working life. Therefore, the owner of UPS power supply system is necessary to build a battery monitoring system, or employ a third party ( Such as UPS supplier) With the battery remote monitoring service. This will reduce or eliminate the possibility of UPS battery failure when needed, and optimize the service life of the battery. Industry, for example, manufacturers of products can provide web-based services, can, in turn, check each battery internal resistance, temperature, and the voltage. It can by adjusting the battery charging voltage to adjust a single battery charging in different equilibrium problem. The appropriate balance can prevent the under charge and sulphates, and capacity loss. Monitoring also offers other benefits. By discovering overcharge, can prevent gas leakage, dry, thermal runaway and corrosion. Damaged or weakened resistance trend of test results can provide early warning of battery pack. So we can replace the battery in time, to improve the system of battery life. However, through all the battery keep in ideal voltage range, voltage to achieve balanced can prolong the service life of 30%, eliminate the incorrect charging voltage and current and the negative effects of generation. Usually show battery status monitoring system, and record the resistance, temperature and voltage of any changes. Through the continuous monitoring of the user interface and regularly report generation, operators can optimize battery performance and reliability. Battery monitoring benefits as follows: through all charge to extend battery life. To monitor and adjust the battery charging process, avoid the under charge. Find out the batteries before failure problems. Individually monitor each cell of the state, including temperature. The diagram shows 6 weak battery discharge in 30 minutes.
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