UPS battery conventional size specification comparison table

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-26
Label: UPS battery conventional size specification comparison table Because of the large amount of use, UPS batteries are generally commonly used specifications. The specifications and dimensions of the relevant capacity comparison are listed below for reference. Model Rated voltage External dimensions Reference weight Length (L) ± 1 width (W ) ± 1 high (H) ± 1 total height (H) ± 2 (KG) 4AH12V90701021061.655AH12V1516594981.956AH12V1516594982.17AH12V1516594982.512AH12V1519894984.117AH12V180771671676.220AH12V180771671676.424AH12V1661251751758.526AH12V1661251751758.838AH12V19716517017013.840AH12V1971651701701565AH12V3501671781782170AH12V3501671781782590AH12V33217521222030100 (D) AH12V33217521222031100 (M) AH12V40617423823833120AH12V40617423823839150AH12V48517124124150200AH12V52024022022465
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