UPS battery charging instructions

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-25
Labels: First of all, due to the high voltage of the UPS battery pack, there is a certain risk of electric shock to the human body. Therefore, it should be safe to conduct the connection strip and output wire for half a year, and the tools used should be insulated, especially the output contact should be protected from electric shock. setting. The charging time of the UPS battery depends on the charging current of the charger, the size of the battery capacity and the remaining power. Before charging the UPS battery, replenish the battery replenishing fluid to the upper and lower scale lines (some UPS batteries are not of very good quality, and the standard is not accurate, and the replenishing fluid can be subject to the plate). The normal charging of UPS battery should be about 12~14 hours with a current ≤ 1/10 of the battery capacity. UPS battery emergency charging should be charged with a current not higher than 1/2 of the battery capacity for 2 to 3 hours. When charging the UPS battery, pay attention to the battery temperature. When you feel hot, you should stop charging and wait for the temperature to drop before continuing to charge.
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