Ultra-thin solar cells or reduce costs

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-22
According to the latest data from the Green Energy Institute of Taiwan Industrial Research Institute, the introduction of ultra-thin silicon solar batteries will be further thinner from the current thickness of about 170-150m. In addition to reducing the amount of silver used, it is expected to accelerate the cost per watt of modules to $0.4 Below or lower. According to a report from the Institute of Green Energy of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, based on technical analysis of ultra-thin silicon cells, the total production cost of modules with 170m thickness and other materials was approximately US$0.67 last year, while the total cost of assembly of 150m batteries in 2016 was approximately US$0.54. As the industry’s current process-compatible high-efficiency solutions for thin-chip cells are shifting to ultra-thin, Green Energy estimates that progress in each manufacturing process will challenge the overall production cost of modules to drop below US$0.4 per watt in 2018. , But thinning also leads to yield control problems. In addition to the thinning technology of silicon solar cells that can reduce costs, SEMI predicts that there will be a generational leap in 2016-2018, mainly from 125m to 50m. In terms of batteries, the amount of silver will continue to decrease ( From about 100mg per cell to half), copper electrodes will also be introduced into the market.
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