Two stages of initial charging of new lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
New lead-acid batteries often fail to reach the capacity after the first charge, and should be discharged and cycled.   The initial charging of the lead-acid battery is carried out in two stages: first, it is charged with the initial charging current until the electrolyte releases bubbles, and the single cell voltage rises to 2.3~2.4V. Then reduce the current to 1/2 the initial charging current, and continue charging until the electrolyte releases violent bubbles, and the signature and voltage remain stable for 3 hours. The total charging time is about 45~65h. During the charging process of lead-acid batteries, the electrolyte temperature should be measured by halving the current, stopping charging or cooling, and controlling the temperature at 35~40℃. When the initial charging is completed, if the electrolyte's specific gravity does not meet the requirements, use distilled water or a specific gravity of 1.4 electrolyte is adjusted. After adjustment, charge for 2h until the specific gravity meets the requirements.   The introduction of 'Access Conditions' is bound to eliminate small and medium lead battery companies, but the impact on lead battery prices is relatively neutral. After undergoing environmental protection rectification, a large number of unqualified lead-acid battery companies have been eliminated, and the survivors are already industry giants, and most of them can cross the entry barrier.   Even if the 'Access Conditions' will continue to eliminate some of the production capacity, the industry linkage is strong. Lead-acid battery companies produce on-demand, and the weak downstream consumption has not been fully reversed. Therefore, the introduction of the access conditions will not have a big impact on the price of lead-acid batteries.
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