Transformation becomes the only way for the long-term development of lead-acid battery companies

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-24
Lead-acid batteries occupies a relatively high market share in the secondary battery field due to their safety, stability, and high cost performance, and are widely used in the three major fields of automobile startup, power batteries, and backup and energy storage batteries. But the 'blood lead incident' that broke out in 2011 caused a wave of rectification across the industry.   In the field of 'lead-acid batteriesReporter: At present, a large number of companies have announced their entry into the lithium battery industry. When the downstream application market is not fully opened, how do you view this investment behavior of companies? What advice do you have for related companies?    China Battery Industry Liu Jiaxin, Secretary-General of the Association: From the perspective of the development stage of the industry, power batteries are in the early stages of development. Although they are facing greater market risks, it is precisely because they are in such a stage of development. It is also an opportunity for enterprises. Seize the opportunity to achieve a leading position after the industry matures. Therefore, I think that although new energy vehicles have not yet been industrialized, it is only a matter of time. After all, the foreseeable market is large enough. Therefore, companies with advantages should deploy the power battery industry in advance to seize development opportunities. If you have to wait until the market is mature before entering, it is already a red sea. For companies investing in power batteries, I suggest that you first have an in-depth analysis of the power battery industry chain, truly understand the basic scale of this market, and combine your own resource advantages to selectively enter certain industrial chain links, and you can’t do everything. , We must do what we are good at, such as cathode material, separator, electrolyte or battery assembly, and do a detailed feasibility study before investing. Secondly, don't just look at the new energy vehicle market blindly, and ignore the already mature markets such as electric bicycles and power tools, as well as the existing tablets, smart phones and other markets. In fact, this market is still very large. Third, companies must have their own technological advantages when investing, because technology is a very important factor for companies to truly win in the early stages of industrial development. Finally, we must pay attention to capital operation.
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