Toyota development range double battery - new technology-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-30
According to 'Japanese economic news' reported that Toyota said research and development for the next generation of new battery technology, can make the electric car mileage from current double. The technology USES the water is rich in sodium electrode materials, cost will be lower than lithium batteries, plan to actually put into use in 2020. Reported that, at present hybrid gas at a time ( Charging) The maximum range of 1000 km. According to Toyota, the electric car to realize popularization, the battery range after each charge should be 500 - 1000 kilometers, and the current of the electric car battery capacity only can travel 200 km, lithium battery up to 300 km. Toyota's research and development of the new technology will be sodium and phosphorus oxide, nickel and other metal compounds, used as a battery cathode material. Experiment, driving the technology made the coin battery at room temperature, the voltage value ( Can be used as electric car indicators) A lithium-ion battery with a high, Toyota can conclude this will boost the electric car driving distance, is expected to drive a charge - 500 1000 kilometers. Currently, Toyota is developing next generation batteries, and sodium ion battery performance from theory is difficult to go beyond the lithium ion battery, but the success of the experiment is expected to make its achievement of the next generation of batteries. In addition, sodium lithium ion battery don't require the use of geographic distribution, not only has the stable supply of raw materials, also has the advantages of low cost.
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