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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-13
Industry consolidation after the opportunities, auto starter lead-acid battery needs to keep a steady growth. Electric vehicle battery broad market development, has become a battleground of lead-acid battery enterprises, electric bicycle for practicability, convenience and economy in the rapid spread, some provinces and cities also in its list of varieties of home appliances to the countryside, to further promote the development of the electric bicycle industry in our country. While lead-acid batteries account for electric bicycle power battery market share of about 95%, although to a certain extent, threatened by lithium battery technology, but the high performance-to-price ratio is more than enough to guarantee its position place of mainstream is already in a short time. As the electric bicycle industry growing, electric vehicle battery needs will have greater room for growth. The 2012 - 2016 ev lead-acid battery market research report pointed out that China lead-acid battery industry will continue to grow, because of energy saving, efficiency and cost considerations, lead-acid battery market will spontaneously drives the weak to promote and popularize a hybrid car. At the same time, the domestic and foreign oems continuously introduce new energy automobile products, is expected to accelerate the development of weak hybrid cars. With high performance, high capacity free maintenance lead-acid battery blend as weak weak mixed dynamic system of important fittings, demand will continue to grow in the future.
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