Three notices for the use of UPS battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

  Three precautions for the use of UPS battery


   The actual available capacity of all UPS batteries is closely related to the battery's discharge current, working temperature, storage time and load characteristics. If the UPS power supply is not used correctly, the actual usable capacity of the battery will be much smaller than the nominal capacity. For this reason, when using batteries, users should pay attention to the following points:


  1. The battery is discharged too much, and the battery has a long open circuit idling time. A large amount of lead sulfate will be produced in the battery, which will be adsorbed on the cathode of the battery, forming the so-called 'sulfation' of the cathode. Therefore, the internal resistance of the battery will increase. The charge and discharge performance of the battery is affected. At present, the service life of M-type sealed lead-acid batteries is about 3-5 years.


  2. For most UPS power supplies, each time the battery is discharged, the internal charging circuit can be used for floating charging. In order to ensure that the battery is reset in a saturated charging state, the charging time is generally 10-12 hours. Insufficient charging time will cause the battery to be under-charged, so the available capacity of the battery is actually much lower than the rated capacity. When the power supply voltage is less than 200 V, some UPS power supplies cannot use the internal charging circuit to saturate the battery.


  3. In order to ensure that the battery has good charging and discharging characteristics, UPS power supply (UPS power supply shutdown for more than 10 days) is not used for a long time. Before the UPS power supply is restarted, by using the charging circuit in the machine, the battery can be floated for 10-12 hours after Use UPS power supply. For users who use the backup UPS power supply, if the UPS power supply is in the backup working state for a long time, it is recommended that the UPS power supply be in the inverter state for at least 2 to 3 minutes every other month to activate the battery. Contact: 0769-82771986

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