There are still five pitfalls battery maintenance -Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-22
Myth 1: when the liquid level is low, supplement electrolyte or add references to pure water, rather than to distilled water. If add electrolyte containing sulfuric acid, make internal battery electrolyte concentration increases, can appear the phenomenon such as boiling, acid mist, seriously affecting the service life of the battery; Use to drink pure water instead of distilled water use, water contains a variety of trace elements, have a bad effect on battery. Erroneous zone 2: check and adjust the electrolyte density is not, especially in winter, causing battery capacity lack, even cause the electrolyte icy phenomenon. Myth 3: winter use battery starts, uninterrupted use to start the machine, resulting in excessive discharge of storage battery and damage. Myth 4: when using maintenance-free storage battery, simply think free maintenance is without any maintenance. Mistake 5: battery pile terminal appearance have corrosion, do not need to deal with, as long as you don't loose. Appearance in the corrosive, terminal will appear on the inner surface corrosion phenomenon, which resulted in increased resistance, affect the normal charging and discharging of the battery, must be handled in time.
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