The UPS power supply should periodically load the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-28
Labels: UPS power supply should periodically load the battery. Generally, the city power is normal in the urban area and there are fewer power outages. The battery in the UPS power supply is in a floating charge state for a long time without a discharge process, which is equivalent to being in a 'storage standby' state. If this state lasts for too long, it will cause the battery to fail due to 'storage for too long'. It is mainly manifested as an increase in the internal resistance of the battery, which can reach several Ω in severe cases. We found that: at room temperature 20℃, UPS power supply floating charge storage for 1 month, the available capacity of the battery is about 97% of its rated value, if stored for 6 months without use, its usable capacity becomes the rated capacity 80% of it. If the storage temperature increases, its usable capacity will decrease. Therefore, it is recommended that users should deliberately unplug the mains input every month when the operating environment is around 20°C, and let the UPS power supply work in a state where the battery provides energy to the inverter. But this kind of operation should not take too long. When the load is about 30% of the rated output, discharge for about 10 minutes. The UPS power supply has been shut down for more than 10 days. Before restarting, the UPS power supply should be started without load to use the charging circuit in the machine to re-float the battery for more than 10-12 hours and then run with load.
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